According to a July 2018 CivicScience survey, nearly 60% of US consumers would rather have their items rung up by a cashier than use a self-service register.
8/9/2018by Jen King
Shoppers are open to various types of retail technologies—even those that were once considered too creepy. But consumers’ shopping expectations do not align with retailers’ capabilities, according to a recent study.
7/26/2018by Jen King
For the fourth straight year, RichRelevance checked in with US internet users about their attitudes toward different retail technologies—from facial recognition to robots. Interestingly, fewer respondents find certain tech to be creepy compared to how they felt in past years.
7/5/2018by Jen King
Retailers often bank on new in-store features being transformative, only to be met with consumer resistance. So, what makes a shopper receptive to a retail innovation?
5/29/2018by Krista Garcia
According to a survey of augmented and virtual reality users worldwide, smartphones will play a much larger role and stores will have much smaller floor space. But change won't happen overnight.
5/16/2018by Jen King
A new industry survey suggests some retailers are pulling back from IT spending. But digital transformation plans are a major focus for many.
3/27/2018by Krista Garcia
Consumers are very interested in new technology that aims to make long lines a thing of the past.
3/21/2018by Jennifer King
Many retailers are focused on employing tech to improve the in-store customer experience, but what if good customer experience means being left alone?
3/19/2018by Krista Garcia
Nordstrom’s purchases of BevyUp and MessageYes reflect the retail industry’s increasing focus on providing a personalized customer experience.
3/12/2018by Krista Garcia
More retailers are looking to technology to simplify the shopping process and automate a lot of redundant tasks. Here's how consumers feel about it.
2/9/2018by Rimma Kats