Store closures are the hallmark of the so-called retail apocalypse, but the demise of brick-and-mortar locations might be more apparent to industry watchers. The average consumer doesn't always pay attention—unless a particular store meant something to them.
11/15/2018by Krista Garcia
Heading into the fiercely competitive holiday shopping season, Walmart is poised to capture an even larger portion of this year’s online retail sales, according to eMarketer's latest retail forecast.
11/14/2018by eMarketer Editors
Alibaba's Singles' Day, China's massive ecommerce festival held annually on Nov. 11, has grown to surpass pretty much every other online shopping event in the world.
11/8/2018by Man-Chung Cheung
Buying store brands used to be viewed as sacrificing quality for price, but post-recession private labels began flourishing and have gained popularity with retailers and consumers over the past decade.
11/2/2018by Krista Garcia
Amazon Go has received a lot of attention for a store with only six locations in three cities. It's not hard to see why, since the "walk out without paying" concept is novel, and eliminating friction is the holy grail of omnichannel retailing.
11/1/2018by Krista Garcia
In a physical retail environment, packaging continues to influence consumers' purchasing decisions. This is not just from a design or visual standpoint, but also from a desire for more information.
10/31/2018by Jen King
Nearly three in 10 US voice assistant users ask their device to find neighborhood shops, restaurants and businesses, according to a Chatmeter survey.
10/30/2018by Jen King
Price is one of the most important factors for shoppers, so it's paramount that retailers get it right.
10/26/2018by Krista Garcia
Following Amazon’s decision to ban consumers suspected of abusing its return policy, 61% of US retailers in a recent Brightpearl survey said they would consider a similar move to rid themselves of serial returners.
10/24/2018by Jen King
According to an October 2018 RSR Research study, US retailers aren't exactly sure how they should use the internet of things. When asked about one key issue that is driving interest in IoT projects, no single answer was cited by more than one-quarter of respondents, indicating a lack of consensus.
10/22/2018by Krista Garcia