Mobile Payments

In the latest episode of “Behind the Numbers,” forecasters Showmik Podder and Chris Bendtsen break out data from eMarketer’s new estimates for mobile payments usage. How many people around the world use mobile phones to make payments? Where are mobile payments the most common? Why would anyone want to pay via phone, anyway?
11/14/2018by eMarketer Editors
Starbucks will remain the most popular proximity mobile payment app, staying ahead of Apple Pay and other competitors, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast on US proximity mobile payments.
5/21/2018by eMarketer Editors
The user base in the US is split among operating systems and also fragmented across services like PayPal, bank-specific ventures like Chase Pay and retailer solutions like Walmart Pay.
5/7/2018by Krista Garcia
According to a February 2018 survey of US internet users by CivicScience, only 1% of respondents use mobile payments as their primary payment method.
3/9/2018by Krista Garcia
Consumers across the globe are warming up to proximity mobile payments. In 2018, for the first time, more than one-third of smartphone users ages 14 and older will use a mobile phone to pay for a purchase at a physical point of sale at least once every six months.
2/12/2018by eMarketer Editors
The use of mobile payments has risen substantially around the world over the past two years, but the bulk of the gain has come from Asia-Pacific markets, according to GlobalWebIndex survey data.
12/4/2017by eMarketer Editors
Mobile payments are a fairly popular way of picking up fast-food checks in North America, but the mobile option is far more commonly used in other parts of the world.
10/9/2017by Rimma Kats
A significant minority of UK consumers prefer using an app to pay for items, according to new research. And there are other signs that cash is being surpassed by other payment methods in the UK.
8/7/2017by Cliff Annicelli
A new survey from Acosta found that more than 8 in 10 millennials are at least somewhat interested in scan and go, where shoppers scan their own products in-store then pay via an app.
7/11/2017by Monica Melton
While digital wallet use is still far from a common behavior, users aren’t just using wallets to store card information, a new study finds. With younger people more likely to use a digital wallet, the study could be a signal of some long-predicted behavioral shifts.
6/14/2017by Monica Melton