Simply offering delivery service isn’t enough to get shoppers to regularly buy groceries online.
1/30/2019by Peter Vahle
Walmart is doubling down on its digital grocery efforts with a splashy new campaign promoting Walmart Grocery Pickup, its click-and-collect service.
1/11/2019by Rahul Chadha
The numbers aren't in yet, but Walmart might have overtaken Amazon as the largest digital grocery player in the US.
1/1/2019by Jasmine Enberg
Online shopping has become a sport during Thanksgiving week and beyond, and it's also starting to play a role in the holiday meal itself. In many ways, the convenience of buying groceries online seems well-suited for larger-than-usual gatherings, even if it is used by only a small number of consumers.
11/13/2018by Krista Garcia
Online grocery sales are reaching a tipping point, a fact that was a given at the inaugural Groceryshop conference held this week. Overall themes of digital transformation and the power of the consumer emerged while Amazon was mentioned less often than you might think.
11/1/2018by Krista Garcia
Even though food and beverage has traditionally been a product category with low digital penetration in the US—we peg the category at 2.8% of all retail ecommerce sales for 2018—online sales are steadily picking up steam.
10/30/2018by Krista Garcia
Even though supermarkets have upped their digital commerce offerings over the past few years and online grocery shopping has been on the rise, a good number of US consumers just aren't that interested in having groceries delivered.
10/23/2018by Krista Garcia
More than half of respondents (54%) plan to shop for premium groceries this holiday season, according to a recent survey from Accenture.
10/5/2018by Jen King
Are consumers eating out more frequently or are they preparing more meals at home? According to new NPD Group data, over 80% of meals were prepared and eaten at home in 2017. US consumers dined out 185 times last year, down from the 2000 peak when that figure was 216.
9/25/2018by Krista Garcia
Grocery apps are some of the fastest-growing apps in the US, according to eMarketer’s latest app usage forecast. This year, 18.0 million US adults will use a grocery app at least once a month, up 49.6% over last year.
9/4/2018by eMarketer Editors