You’ve read a lot about the shopping habits of millennials and Generation Z, but it’s important to think outside of generational groupings too. RetailMeNot research reveals a new segment of consumers with impressive spending power.
8/19/2018by RetailMeNot
Global online marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba have risen to prominence and are becoming a competitive threat to retailers and brands around the world. According to a 2018 Salesforce survey, merchants have reason to be concerned. Online buyers are starting their hunt for products on marketplaces with increased frequency.
8/17/2018by Krista Garcia
For some shoppers, a long wait in line at the supermarket may lead them to head out the door. And they don't always make the purchase somewhere else: They may just abandon it altogether.
8/17/2018by Jen King
Today's updates include Boot Barn, U.S. Auto Parts, BJ's Restaurants, and Ruth's Hospitality Group.
8/16/2018by Nicholas Pitsis
A survey of retail executives showed that outperforming brands tend to offer more functionality on their mobile websites than their desktop sites.
8/15/2018by Jen King
Today's updates include The Home Depot, QVC, Biglari Holdings (Steak 'n Shake), and Good Times Restaurants.
8/15/2018by Nicholas Pitsis
Three regional executives from eBay, OLX and PayPal discuss ecommerce trends in the region and how their companies found early success in the market.
8/15/2018by Matteo Ceurvels
Retail apps have been undergoing a rebirth of sorts. For a long time, users browsed on mobile but didn't convert, so retailers didn't prioritize app strategies. Behavior has changed, though, leaving some to play catch-up. Now, a majority of mobile retail transactions in North America occur via app.
8/15/2018by Krista Garcia
Whether you've bought them or not, everyone knows that the candy, soda and magazines displayed at the cash register are designed as last-minute temptations. Impulse purchases are just a part of the in-store shopping experience. But do these unplanned buys translate online?
8/15/2018by Krista Garcia
When given the choice between a paper or electronic receipt in a store, most shoppers aren’t interested in going paperless.
8/14/2018by Jen King